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Auto remix music to change audio length with high quality. Use an online AI mashup maker to help you mix songs like a DJ! Mix audio songs for getting the best BGM for your video!

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How to Easily Remix a Song Online?

Want to create a remix song? Online Music Remixer & Extender allows mixing music online through iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, or Windows. It uses advanced AI technology to auto-remix song formats like OGG, AU, FLAC, MP3, VOB, MP4, MTS, etc. In other words, it simply identifies music areas to split, rearrange, and apply a remix effect and help you become an ultimate remix DJ.

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    Step 1. Upload Music Files

    Launch Online Music Remixer & Extender and then tap Choose Files to load your music file or drag and drop it on the UI. You can even load music from the cloud or YouTube.

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    Step 2. Remix Music Online

    This song mashup maker will automatically analyze your music file and identify places to split, cut, and apply remix effects. The mixing positions are marked on the audio track timeline. Then, of course, you can select different effects to adjust them accordingly.

  • download

    Step 3. Download Remixed Music

    Crosscheck the music file by clicking Play to see if it meets your expectations. Then, tap Export to generate the remix and download the audio file.

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Why Choose Online Music Remixer & Extender? Song Mixer can extend the music playback duration, making it perfect for creating background music for video scenes or singing practice. With the AI music extender, highlight parts of the songs will be selected automatically and mixed with the remix effect into a new song as the DJ does.


Offer 100+ DJ Remix Sound Effects

This free audio mixer comes with 100+ stylish remix effects to transform you into a cool music DJ remix. Make the remix song just like what DJ does!

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Change the Audio Length to Fit Video

While making a TikTok short video, creating a vlog, filming, or recording your life, you can cut and edit the audio length to fit your video duration.

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Major Audio/Video Formats Supported

You can remix any audio or video format on Music Remixer. This audio video synchronizer supports MP3, M4A, OGG, AU, MP4, MOV, VOB, MTS, etc.


Easy, Fast & Automatic Mix Song

Compared to professional-grade music remixers like Adobe Audition and Audacity, you don't need prior music editing experience to fulfill your mixing goal.

ai powered

Powered by AI Tech to Remix Song uses advanced AI technology to remix songs in intelligence. Automatically trim, rearrange, and add remix effects to mix music online.

extra audio features

More Than a Song Remixer not only is your ordinary music remix maker. It also packs excellent audio editing tools like AI song cover generator, instrumental maker, music visualizer, ringtone maker, audio joiner, etc.

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Why You Make a Music Remix?

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stretch audio to fit video length
remix for podcast music
create DJ remix

Create DJ Song Remix

When you want to craft a music like DJ remix, you have to get everything spot-on, from the editing software to the music itself. A good DJ must steer energy in the house by blending the right tracks at the right time. Fortunately, this is precisely what Music Remixer and BPM finder do. With it, you can auto-remix a music file and apply 100+ remix effects to help create a stir in the room. Then, use Audio Joiner to merge your music and add smooth crossfade effects.

Remix Song for Party Celebration

Are you planning to host a party for a birthday, wedding, graduation, etc? Remixed songs must be the best necessity to hit the atmosphere! You can become your own remix DJ by creating hard-hitting mixes by using It allows you to jam together several audio clips of a song to perfectly fit the occasion. This can be love songs, rock and roll, reggae, hip-hop, and so on. All in all, creating a remix is the perfect way to set the mood for the occasion.

Extend Song to Fit Your Video

If you're constantly editing videos, you'll know that finding the perfect music theme for a scene can be a challenge. Even worse, most music tracks are generally short. Often, music will play for around 3 to 10 minutes. But with Music Remix Maker, you'll not only remix music song but also extend or shorten the playback duration to fit your video length. This helps you create excellent background music for your video project.

Seamless Remix for Podcast Music

The right music can liven up your show by making it sound professional and giving it an identity. For this reason, you can add a remix of serial music to add richness and depth to your podcast narrative. If you listen carefully, professional podcasters use theme music to launch the show and use even longer ones with a consistent tone throughout the show. Overall, a podcast remix can serve as an auditory logo for your show.

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FAQs of Online Audio Remixer

  • You can easily make song mashups using Music Remixer & Extender. This simple AI-powered program is available on iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac. It can create a music remix with 100+ remix effects and extend the music playback duration to fit your intended purpose. Give it a try!

  • Many programs can create a music remix quickly and easily. However, if you want something professional, Adobe Audition should do. This powerful audio editing station can create a beautiful music mix with numerous sound effects. You can even rearrange songs and trim them with precision. On the other hand, its best alternative, AI Music Remixer & Extender also enables you to create an attractive mix for a single audio file. Remember, you are not required to download softwares with some hidden hassles.

  • If you want to sync video and audio, use Here, you can upload your video and audio before syncing them together and creating a music remix with hundreds of DJ-quality effects. You can also add audio to video online. Just upload the video on the program and then tap Add Audio to load the music remix. You can even trim audio and video to create the perfect blend.

  • Option 1: You can easily shorten or extend a song using Audio Cutter. This online music editor can trim and cut music quickly and easily. Just load the music and drag the sliders on each end. Or, you can employ more precision by entering the start and stop times before applying crossfade effects. It can't be more straightforward, can it?
    Option 2: Apply Music Remixer to custom the length of a song without changing the audio pitch.

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