AI Face Editor

Full-featured online face editor powered by AI. Instantly change your facial emotions, gender, age, cartoonize, style, and enhance face photo quality with our face editor. Recreate your selfies to look more presentable. No costs, downloads, or skills needed.

How to Edit a Face Online for Free?

Upload Your Photo
Upload a Clear Portrait Photo.

Go to Face Editor on your mobile or desktop browser, then upload your face photo. This tool lets you add pictures in JPEG, JPG, PNG, WebP, and BMP formats.

apply ai photo effects
Choose & Apply an AI Face Effect.

After successfully loading a photo, choose a facial expression, age filter, gender swap, and other effects. Click Start to process to apply the effect to your image.

Download And Share
Download the Photo.

Now preview the photo and change the facial effect if necessary. If impressed by the outcome, download it and share it to wow all.

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More Than a Funny Face Editor

Editing your portrait photos with our face editor online is one of the best ways to create funny and professional-looking images. For instance, if you want to change your LinkedIn profile photo, use to apply cool and realistic effects like beards and smiles. But this tool offers way more than face edits to perfect your portrait photos and selfies.
Below are the additional features of our AI portrait photo editor:

All-in-One Face Enhancer & Retoucher has an AI face enhancer that uses refined AI technology to remove imperfections. You can remove unwanted facial elements like acne, black spots, scars, wrinkles, etc. Put simply, your face will look sharper and more attractive after a few seconds.

AI Face enhancer
AI Face Animator

Turn Everyday Selfies into Professional Headshots

You don’t need to hire a professional to create professional headshots for your LinkedIn profile or website. With AI Selfie Generator, you can create an excellent selfie photo for any occasion. You’ll find different selfie styles, including formal, casual, elegant, educational, festival, social media, etc. Just upload at least five selfie photos, and will do the rest.

Bring Still Face Photos to Life with Animation Effects

Do you want to breathe life into your still photos and create an engaging animation to prank your friends or share a message? You don’t need to record a video because lets you create a talking or singing photo with a single click. This AI face animator can transform your standard face photos into dynamic animations.

AI Face animator
face swapper

Change Face in a Photo Face Switcher uses advanced AI technology to let you become someone else in your face photos for free. It can seamlessly transform your pictures into anyone you wish, including your friends or family. You don’t need any Photoshop techniques to achieve that.

Remove Face Emojis and Objects

Did you accidentally add an emoji to your face photo? Or did you capture a nice photo only for your face to be blocked by a passing bird or pet? Try Face Emoji Remover to remove any emoji or object blocking your face. It doesn’t leave behind any blurry traces in your face emojis.

AI Face Emoji Remover
AI Face Background Remover

One-Tap Background Remover

Wave goodbye to those picture retakes because of a blurry or disorganized background thanks to AI Background Remover. It will accurately separate the main object from your photo, eliminating the unwanted backdrop. So, whether you’re capturing a memorable friend gathering or showcasing your latest product, let smart BG Remover take the hassle out of achieving that photo-perfect look in no time.

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FAQs about Face Editor Online

icon What is the best free face editor app?

There are several AI-powered face editor apps to use. For instance, Android users can install FaceApp to retouch and perfect their face photos. On the other hand, iPhone owners can exploit the immense face editing capabilities of FaceTune to retouch and refine their photos.
But if you want the perfect cross-platform selfie editor, use AI face editor. It’s an online tool, meaning you can refine your photos on mobile or desktops. It has numerous face editing functions to change facial expressions, add cartoon effects, remove backgrounds, and more. And yes, it’s simple to use.

Below are some of them:
• Add a new facial expression to your photo.
• Apply cool glasses to your face.
• Remove unnecessary makeup.
• Enhance portrait photo quality.
• Generate beard and moustache.
• Swap gender and apply an age filter.
• Transform face photos into watercolor, sketches, drawings, etc. is the best online free face editor for mobile phones and desktops. Load a photo, choose an effect, and the AI will do the hard part.

A raw photo is an unprocessed image saved in your camera or smartphone’s memory. While most smartphone cameras have inbuilt editors to retouch raw photos, the editing tools are somewhat limited. So, use to edit raw photos with AI trending effects like age filters, facial expressions, beards, gender swaps, and more. AI Face Editor is 100% safe to use. We don’t store or share any facial data collected from your edited photos. All uploaded and edited pictures are auto-deleted from our secure servers immediately after 24 hours.

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