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Automatically transcribe YouTube to text online with our free AI YouTube transcript generator. Get high-quality YouTube scripts for a wider audience with a single click.

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How to Transcribe a YouTube Video to Text? YouTube to text is a beginner-friendly tool that helps in automating YouTube videos and generating editable and searchable text. This YouTube transcriber can create texts in 13+ languages before allowing you to download the TXT file.

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    Step 1. Upload the YouTube Video You Want to Transcribe.

    Assuming you’ve already downloaded or recorded the YouTube video, launch our YouTube to text converter, then tap Upload to add the video. You can also transcribe an MP3 audio.

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    Step 2. Choose a Transcription Language & Transcribe.

    Once the video is uploaded successfully, select your preferred language, such as English, German, French, etc. Then, click Transcribe Now to auto-convert YouTube to text.

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    Step 3. Preview & Download the YouTube Transcript.

    After generating the auto-subs, preview and edit the transcript on the text editor. If satisfied, tap Export to save the TXT file. You can also export the file as a video or audio.

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Standout Features of Our YouTube to Text Converter

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Fast & Instant to Use YouTube to Text Converter is the best tool for beginners and professional video editors. You can easily convert YouTube to text by merely uploading the YT video and choosing a transcription language. It provides excellent cross-platform compatibility on Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS. You can convert a 1-hour YT video text in less than 5 minutes.

High Recognition Accuracy

Accurate YouTube Transcription

It uses sophisticated AI technology to provide highly accurate YouTube transcripts. According to multiple texts, this AI-powered YouTube transcriber can deliver subtitles, captions or scripts with up to 99.13% accuracy. And, of course, our voice recognition technology keeps improving with time.

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Multilingual Support

Our YouTube video to text converter online free can identify and convert YouTube audio to dozens of languages. You can generate a YouTube subtitle file in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and other popular languages. We keep updating our machine-learning algorithm with new transcription languages.

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Editable YouTube Transcript

It comes with a beginner-friendly text editor that supports unlimited text characters. Here, you can preview the generated transcript by cutting, deleting, pasting, and adding new texts. You can also play the video and preview the generated texts line by line. Moreover, you can select a specific text track and translate it into other languages.

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Convert YouTube to TXT

Quickly and accurately generate TXT transcripts from YouTube videos. Export the entire transcript or specific sections as TXT files. Plus, can convert YouTube videos to MP4 or MP3 audio.

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Transcribe Any YouTube Video YouTube Transcriber is compatible with any video or audio format. You can upload YouTube in MP3, MOV, AVI, VOB, MP3, M4A, OGG, and other formats. You can also export the transcribed YouTube in MP3 or MP4 formats.

Why Transcribe YouTube Videos?

Increased YouTube Video Accessibility

Are you a digital marketer or social media influencer? Your online content can reach people from varying walks of life. Let's say you want to create a video specifically for your French-speaking audience or those familiar with a particular jargon. Adding subtitles to your video can also come in handy for those with hearing impairments. Our YouTube audio to text converter can help you achieve that for free. Simply upload the YouTube video and choose your preferred transcription language.

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Summarize YouTube Videos by Text

AI text summarization tools like ChatGPT and Gemini have become popular these days. With these programs, you can summarize a long bunch of text into a shorter, easier-to-digest summary that highlights only the important points. You can also achieve that with our YouTube video text converter. After converting YouTube to text, you can preview and edit the text to delete unwanted lines and extract only the key moments. Sounds fun and easy, right?

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FAQs Regarding Sound to Text Converter

  • is the best tool for converting YouTube to text instantly. It’s an easy-to-use program that can generate YouTube transcripts in seconds. You can also generate YT transcripts instantly on desktops and mobile phones. Give it a try!

  • You can easily translate YouTube video to text online using It’s a 100% online program that doesn’t need any software downloads to transcribe YouTube videos. It works on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Blackberry, and other systems.

  • Yes, you can generate YouTube transcripts for free using YouTube’s built-in subtitle generator. Simply click the CC button during playback to watch with subtitles. Alternatively, opt for’s AI-powered YT transcriber to generate transcripts on any device. You can create TXT files from YouTube videos in 13+ languages.

  • YT to Text Converter lets you quickly create YouTube video summaries with 99% accuracy. You only need to load and transcribe the YouTube file in your chosen language. After that, preview the transcript in the text editor and erase any unwanted text. It’s that simple!

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I’ve had much experience with this YouTube transcriber and can’t complain much. The transcription accuracy is excellent and consistent and the multiple languages are an added plus. It delivers accurate transcription even with low-volume YouTube videos.

Isabelle Allen
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This tool transcribes YouTube videos quite well. Although the free version is a bit limited, I cannot fault it anywhere in terms of accuracy. I’m considering upgrading to the affordable Pro plan since I transcribe tens of videos weekly. It’s a great tool!

Vanesa B
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This YouTube to text converter is very accurate most of the time. It accurately picks up minor details, including medical and educational terms. The text editor is also straightforward to use. Very accurate transcriptions!

Alvin Bright
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It’s easy to use and understands even the most complicated terms and dialects. It makes work easier for me whenever I want to extract subtitles from movies and transcribe my online meetings. I didn’t experience any problems transcribing long videos.

Chris Gilbert
star star star star star

I recently paid for the Basic plan and don’t regret it one bit. This video transcriber is one of the most accurate tools I’ve used recently. The transcription process is simple and fast, taking about 1 minute to transcribe my 20-minute video. The customer service is great as well.

Sonia Canning
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