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Smoothly change your gender from male to female or vice versa online with our AI gender swap filter. Transform your photos with the lifelike gender switches, making self-exploration enjoyable while revamping your social media game.

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instant to use
Easy of Use is an instant gender swap filter online. It provides smooth cross-platform compatibility on Android, iPhone, Windows, and macOS platforms. Upload a photo, choose a gender, and the AI will do the dirty work. No Photoshop skills are required!
accurate AI conversion
Accurate Gender Changer
It employs advanced AI technology to automatically scan and modify facial features and create lifelike masculine or feminine looks in real-time. adds a realistic makeover to your photos to deliver the best selfies.
beyond gender swap filter
Extensive Editing Options
Besides Gender Swap Filter, provides an extensive list of editing options like age transformation, emotion expression, cartoon filters like Simpsons', artistic creativity, and much more. It also has fun accessories like AI beards, glasses, double chin, etc.
data safety guaranteed
Data Privacy Assurance
All your uploaded data on this gender swapping app are safe from unwanted hands. It will delete all your uploaded files automatically after a few hours.
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How to Add a Gender Swap Filter to Your Photos?

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload Your Photo.

    Launch the AI gender filter swap tool, then upload the photo you want to transform. This tool supports most image file formats with file sizes under 5MB.

  • choose gender

    Step 2. Choose a Gender.

    After uploading a photo successfully, select the target gender as Male or Female. Then, click Start to process to start transforming your gender.

  • save

    Step 3. Download the Photo.

    Before downloading the gender-swapped photo, you can retouch it or experiment with other playful gender swap filters. If satisfied, tap Download to save the fresh picture.

add photo
photo to cartoon process
image to cartoon

Discover the Different You with Gender Swap Filter

Ready for an exciting journey in gender transformation through your photos? Whether it's for social media, fun with friends, online profiles, or more, our gender swap filters are your creative gateway to diverse expressions.

Create "My Twin" Effect in Your Selfie

Ever wondered about what your twin looks like? With, you’ll discover your long-lost twin with a simple mouse click. You can create your twin in both genders and infuse their personality with dynamic filtering options like trendy sunglasses, suave beards, age altering, and a burst of emotion. These photos can add a dash of humor and intrigue to any funny scenarios.

create my twin effect
prank with friends
Prank and Play with Gender Swap Filter

If you’ve run out of ideas to set your social media channels on fire, consider a magical gender swap using With its facial editing capabilities, swapping your gender to create a new funny profile picture or social media post has never been easier. For example, you can create a photo of your other gender and customize it with beards to make a funny social media post.

Reimagine Celebrities in Opposite Gender

Could you envision a famous figure transformed into the opposite gender? It's quite amusing! There are many creative possibilities to explore using our free gender swap filter. You can create and reimage any of your favorite celebrities in a different gender before adding a funny caption. And to take it a step further, you can even turn these celebrity transformations into amusing GIFs.

change celebrity gender
join on the social media trends
Hop on the Gender Swap Trend on Social Media

The gender swap craze has taken over most social media apps. Many social media enthusiasts show how they look with a new face or gender on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, WhatsApp, and other apps. With our gender swapper, you can use the opposite gender filter to transform yourself into a different person and participate in this fun trend that could attract a wave of new followers to your page.

Noel Sherry
star star star star star
One of my favorite gender swap tools! I have a lot of fun with the filters to find the ideal gender swap idea for me. I didn’t notice any leftover marks or brushes. Nice app!
star star star star star
This is an app that every social media enthusiast should try. After transforming my photos, I try out different filters to find the ones that suit me the best. The best gender swapper online by a mile!
John Mark
star star star star star
This gender swap tool has a variety of filters that you should definitely try. I really enjoyed the cartoon filters that allow my other gender to look more like an animated cartoon character.
star star star star star
This online gender swapper works flawlessly. It has various fun features and tools to make your swapped gender look natural and unedited. It’s also easier to use than most gender swapping apps I’ve used.
Wes Stinger
star star star star star
This app has a collection of good filters and various features to make swapped photos look rich and unedited. I like the gender-switching filter quality and the cartoon filters. It was worth it!
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FAQs about Gender Swapper Online

  • is one of the best tools to help you swap your gender on the go. It uses bending technology to transform you into a guy or a girl. This fun tool also comes with other filter effects to make you look old, young, or glow up.

  • You can quickly transform your face into a man or woman using AI gender swapper. This simple tool will automatically detect your facial features before transforming you into a realistic different gender.

  • If you’re an avid social media user, there are many gender swap ideas to explore. Below are some of them:
    • Prank your friends with new looks.
    • Make fun of celebrity characters.
    • Generate creative videos or GIFs.

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