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Audio to Text Converter

Do you want to convert sound to text? For example, you can use the generated transcript as your video's captions or subtitles. Or, you can convert speech to text and follow the inspirational podcasts or meetings word-for-word. Whichever the reason, use Audio Transcriber to transcibe voice to text with high quality. It boasts an AI-driven text generator for automatically analysing audio, speech or voiceovers before converting to text. Then, you can translate it into other languages or fast edit the extracted texts by changing the playback duration, deleting, copying, pasting, and so on. Optionally, download the audio transcripts in text format (.srt) for flexibile distribution. Now upload a file and try!

How to Convert Audio to Text?

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload an Audio/Video File

    Launch Audio to Text Converter on your browser and then press Upload Files Now. Then, click Upload to load local video/audio files or choose to record your voice with a mic. You can also tap From URL to upload a YouTube audio.

  • convert

    Step 2. Transcribe Audio/Video to Text Automatically

    Now drag the video on the editing timeline and press Subtitles on the left rail. Then, press the Auto-Subtitle tab before choosing the subtitle language. If satisfied, click on the Start auto-subtitle button to extract text from your video or audio file.

  • download

    Step 3. Edit the Converted Texts and Export

    After extracting texts, you'll see all text boxes with timestamps on the leftpane, then enter the boxs to modify the text or styles. Finally, tap Export to save the audio with text, or download the audio transcript only.

add audio or video file
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Why is Online Audio Transcription Tool?

completely online audio transcriber

Sound to Text Online Speech to Text Converter is a strictly online tool. You don't need to install anything on your tablet or PC to convert audio to text.

transcribe to multiple languages

Transcribe Multi Languages

It supports up to 90 text languages. This includes transcibing various English accents, Estonian, French, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Swedish, etc.

edit the text further as needed

Flexible Text Editing Options

After converting voice to text, you can edit the text, like typing, deleting, splitting, and extending playback duration to make it sync better with the video.

any format supported

Convert Any Audio/Video to Text

The transcription service supports all standard video and audio formats. It's compatible with MP3, M4R, OGG, FLAC, MP4, MOV, 3GP, etc.

secured transcription

Safe Audio Transcriber Speech to Text Converter uses SSL encryption to secure all conversions on the website. It's 100% secure.

Free to use

Most Affordable Service automatic transcription service is absolutely free to use. Free users get 30 minutes of transcription service. Pay $2.95 and get a whopping 3 hours of speech-to-text conversion session if that's not enough. Don't pay more for hiring a transcription company!

Why You Convert Voice to Text?

Boost Podcast Viewership and Accessibility
Locate main points of text
For Better Student Understanding
add auto subtitles to video

Transcribe Podcast to Text
to Boost Accessibility

Podcasts can be very educative and inspirational, but only if you understand what the podcaster says. Even if you know English, some words can be challenging to grasp. For these reasons, you'll need to convert a podcast to your native language. With Sound to Text Converter, you can convert podcasts to multiple text languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Croatian, etc.

Swiftly Locate Highlights
Via Transcribed Text

Sometimes, you may want to locate and highlight a music line or a speech in a video or audio file. In that case, converting your media files to text will suffice. will help you transcribe a voice recording and highlight the exact texts in the editing timeline. Then, you can find the exact speech or quote and reuse them.

Convert Voice into Text
to Relief Students' Burden

Lecturers will opine that effectively teaching a hall full of students can be a pain. Also, some students, whether online or offline, will better understand texts than voice narrations. So, instead of adding subtitle texts word for word, try to use to auto-select speech in the video or audio and convert to text. You can then take a back seat as your students enjoy the lesson.

Generate Captions/Subtitles
for Any Video

Convert audio to text to create captions and subtitles for your video. As you may already know, videos come in varying languages, some of which you may not understand. Or, you may want to share a foreign language video with your online following. If so, consider using to automatically convert video narrations to subtitles and apply them to your video with excellent accuracy.

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FAQs of Audio to Text

  • You can easily convert audio to text online with Auto Transcription App. It works on your browsers and supports all major audio/video formats. Follow these simple steps:
    Step 1. Head over to Online Editor. Add an audio/video file or click the drop-down arrow to record a video. You can also directly load YouTube videos.
    Step 2. Drag the file on the timeline and tap the Subtitles tab on the left pane. Now go to the Auto-Subtitle field, selete a target language and then tap Start auto-subtitle. The program will immediately start extracting text from audio or speech.
    Step 3. After the transcribing process, you'll see the text synced with the audio/video automatically. Of course, you can make some changes and click Export. Done!

  • Apart from video, Text Generator also allows you to transcribe audio to text automatically. It works with MP3, AAC, OGG, AU, FLAC, etc. Here is 1-2-3 step guide:
    Step 1. Upload your MP3 audio and move it to the timeline.
    Step 2. Employ its Auto-subtitle feature to convert the MP3 audio or speech to text automatically.
    Step 3. click the Export button, choose a video resolution quality, and create an audio with text.

  • First, you can opt for SpeechTexter to convert speech to text. With this online speech-to-text converter, you can transcribe documents, books, blogs, reports; you name them. Interestingly, SpeechTexter promises you more than 90% accuracy and supports over 70 languages. Just add your media, connect your microphone, and start transcribing in a real-time mode.
    On the other hand, use Voice to Text Converter to transcribe recorded sounds to text. Here, you can record the computer screen or a webcam video with voice narrations and extract the texts. In addition, it supports local video and audio files like MP4, MP3, WAV, and MOV. It also boasts multiple editing options for trimming, adding appealing sound waveform or other elements etc. Oh, lest I forget, you can export non-watermarked 1080p videos for free.

  • Yes, you can easily transcribe English to words using English to text reader. This program supports numerous English versions, including UK English, American English, New Zealand English, South African English, etc. Besides English, supports Croatian, Spanish, German, French, etc.

  • Auto Subtitle Generator is an actionable way to convert the video background audio or narration to subtitles, directly from your browsers. It works with standard video formats such as MP4, MOV, MTS, 3GP, WMV, etc. Just load the video on the timeline, fire up the Auto-Subtitle Generator, and start creating.

Ann A
star star star star star

This app is very responsive and accurate. I use it to occasionally create subtitles for short videos I want to share online. Very good!

Iris K
star star star star star

So far, this app hasn't made any noticeable mistakes. All the generated texts sync nicely with the video. BTW, converting audio to text is a big plus for me.

Jacqueline F
star star star star star

This MP4 to text converter for free works perfectly in English with no mistakes to note. There are no ads or watermarks. Just honest service. Keep it up!

David Hyles
star star star star star

I honestly love using this audio to text converter. I love TikToking, so I use it to add text and captions to my videos before sharing them with my base. Very accurate! Save much energy.

Adrian Murphy
star star star star star

I use this app to transcribe long podcasts, and I love it. It makes my podcasting sessions more immersive and enjoyable. Thank you!

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