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Instantly change your age into an old or young face effects online for free. Use our AI age progression technology to accurately predict how you'll age, from birth to old age, with just a simple tap!

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AI Face Detection

Our age filter tool uses advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to scan photos and apply aging filters. This program has been trained using multiple facial recognition technology to observe facial features and predict how you'll age in the future.

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Multi-Age Options

Our age photo generator has multiple AI-developed age-filtering options to help you look young or old. You'll get age-filtering possibilities from 0 to 100 years old.

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Lifelike Generation Free Age Filter Online can help you generate lifelike age photos. You can generate AI faces with fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, grey hair, and skin laxity. This ensures your generated photos are 100% realistic.

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More Face Filters

Our AI Face Editor does more than add wrinkles, dark spots, grey hair, and other facial features to your photos. With it, you can make your photos look more emotional and attractive by adding filters like smiling, crying, beards, glasses, gender swaps, Simpsons cartoon, and more.

How to Apply Old Aging Filter Online?

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload Your Photo.

    Visit AI Age Changer on your mobile or PC browser, then upload a portrait photo of yourself. You can upload a portrait image in JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, or WebP.

  • pick old filter

    Step 2. Choose the Age Filtering Settings.

    After uploading your photo, tap the Age Filter tool, then drag the Age slider to choose a specific age. You can look older or younger, depending on how you want to appear.

  • download

    Step 3. Start the AI Aging Process & Download.

    Click the Start to process button to apply the AI age filter to your photo online for free. If the age filter photo looks okay, click Download to save it on your device. It's that easy!

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AI processing and download
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forecast your future look

Preview Your Future Self with Aging Filter

Do you want to take a sneak peek at how you will look in the future? You can try our realistic old face effects with varying ages using AI Age Filter. After uploading your full face photo, you'll only need to move the "Age" slider to determine how you will look after several years. It's more like time-travelling to the future and seeing the similarities between you and your grandmother or grandfather.

Join the Time Travel Trend on Social Media

The time travel trend is here to stay, and you shouldn't miss the fun. Today, most people on social media, especially TikTok, want to transform their faces into stunning, hyper-realistic photos of their younger or older selves. With, you can achieve this with just a single click and show your TikTok followers how you would look in your 70s or 80s. You can join the viral trend with realistic age-filtering effects like dark spots, wrinkles, grey hair, and more.

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Prank Your Friends with Old Photos

Are you tired of being a victim of frequent pranks from your friends and family? It's time to score one against them using our free aging app online. For example, if you have not seen your cousin for years, you can prank them with a photo of yourself looking older or younger than they thought. That's not all. You can also prank them with a picture of your child or even themselves looking older than their actual age. It's fun, huh?

Oldify Yourself to Hide Online Identity

Sometimes, you may need to hide your real online identity on social media, gaming, or dating platforms. For example, if you want to join the dating world, you may need to look older and wiser in your profile photo. Alternatively, you can look younger on gaming forums and platforms like Steam and Reddit, often dominated by young people. Overall,'s age up filter can help you metamorphose your identity into someone new.

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More Than Just a Old Face Maker

Powered by AI, besides letting you look old, powerful face editor always provides the most popular online tools to suit your creative needs. Explore more funny AI tools to make you look ultra cool!

FAQs Regarding Aging Filter Online

  • Age progression is a technology that uses AI capabilities to predict how a person will look in the future. As an artist, you'll upload a portrait photo of your subject and then the program will use AI technology to scan the image and add old-age filters. is the best AI age filtering tool to use for free.

  • is the best tool to add an old age filter online free on your mobile phone or desktop. Visit the age filter website, upload your photo, and then choose the age filter effect. Now, start processing your image and see your future self unfold.

  • You can use to apply the aging filter online for free. This program is 100% online, meaning you don't need to install anything to use it. You can apply age filter effects to your photos on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac.

  • TikTok allows you to use the viral old age filter when creating new video content. To use it, click the "plus" button, search for "Aged", then select this filter to use it on your recorded video. Alternatively, you can add an old age filter to your TikTok posts using AI Age Filter.

  • Many young people fear getting old because this means reduced stay on earth. But with AI Age Filter, you'll discover many positives about the old age filters. Here are some of them:
    • You can see how you will look tens of years later.
    • The old-age filter offers an excellent way to prank your friends with new looks.
    • The old age filter lets you join the "Time Travel" bandwagon on TikTok.
    • Old-age filters can come in handy for digital marketers and online gamers.

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I was thrilled when my friend introduced me to this free aging app online. I have to say this online age filtering tool hasn't disappointed me, as the processed photos look 100% lifelike. It has become one of my favorite iPhone tools these days. Keep it up!

Medina Vie
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I've tried using different iPhone apps to find out how I would look when I get older. So far, this is my favourite app because the results are reasonably accurate. I love seeing my friends look like old creeps.

Luke Larson
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After many disappointments, I tested this online tool to see if I could stumble on my luck. Surprisingly, this age-filtering program exceeded my expectations. It adds old-age filters to my photos without those annoying big black lines. Recommended!

Ian Wesley
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I've used this free age progression online tool multiple times to have fun and prank my cheeky friends with new photos. It doesn't manipulate photos beyond lifelike expectations. But be guided that you can offend some people with this tool.

Felix Cooper

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