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Easily add a free sad face filter to your photo online in seconds. Watch as your face transforms into a frown on TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and other platforms. Prepare for endless laughter!

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Easy Crying Editor

You don't need to hire professional photo retouchers or use complex software to create a natural-looking sad face in your photos. With free crying filter online, you can readily infuse upset emotions into the images. Simply upload a photo directly from your browser and let AI do the magic for you.

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Realistic Crying Effect

Our state-of-the-art AI algorithms empower this crying filter to accurately detect and analyze your photo, recognizing your distinctive facial features. As a result, it crafts a hyper-realistic sad expression complete with watery eyes and a downturned mouth, seamlessly blending with your natural visage.

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All-in-one Face Editor

Explore beyond just changing your unhappy expression with our AI face filters! From aging transformations to gender alterations, eye direction adjustments, adding beard, glasses, and much more - there's endless fun to be had.

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100% Privacy Guaranteed guarantees the privacy of your uploaded photos by deleting uploaded images within 24 hours. We don’t store or use your facial expression images for other purposes.

How to Apply Crying Filter to Photo Online?

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload Your Photo.

    Visit Sad Face Adder on your mobile or PC browser,then upload the photo you want to apply. It supports JPG, JPEG, PNG, and WebP photos.

  • pick crying effect

    Step 2. Choose Crying Filter.

    Next, select crying filter from the available effects to make your photo look sad.

  • download

    Step 3. Change Face Expression & Download.

    Click Start to Process to apply the AI crying filter. If impressed by the new facial expression, tap Download to save it as image or GIF format.

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Change Facial Expression to Alter Mood

They say that photos speak a thousand words. That’s why sometimes you don’t need to utter a word to convey your emotions and feelings. Instead, you can share a photo to show you’re sad, surprised, angry, happy, and more. With our AI-powered expression changer, you can convert your photos to show how you feel at the moment. This program is trained on vast datasets to quickly scan your photos and craft your mood based on your preference.

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Anonymize Your Face Photos with Emotion Changer

If you and your friends or social media fans are always having fun together, this is the best tool to add to your arsenal. With our ready-to-use crying effect, you can easily apply a different mood and feeling to any photo. For example, if your friends know you are laughing, you can prank them with a picture of yourself with all crys. Or, you can share a photo of Donald Trump or Joe Biden looking sad or surprised.

More Than Free Crying Filter AI Face Editor allows you to transform your photos into unique artworks: besides adding depressed mood to your face photos, this program also has numerous exciting AI tools to edit your facial details. For instance, you can remove makeup, add cool glasses, or apply beards. You can also swap your gender and apply an age filter to look older or younger.

FAQs of Making Photo Sab Online

  • The rise of AI technology means you can find countless programs to apply happy expressions to your portrait photos. However, is the best tool to add sad emotion to your face online for free. Upload your photo, pick crying face filter, and download the new image after a few seconds.

  • AI Face Editor is the easiest program to apply unhappy emotions to your face photos. Follow these quick steps:
    • Open AI Face Editor and add a portrait or selfie photo.
    • Pick Depressed face filter and click on Start to Process.
    • Download the picture once the AI has finished applying the sad expression.

  • Photoshop is one of the best desktop-based image editors to add smile to photo naturally. You can add authentic facial expressions to your photos by opening the Face Tool and hovering your mouse cursor over a facial feature to adjust the settings. I think Photoshop is too complex or expensive, so try AI Face Editor. It’s simple to use, and the extensively trained AI delivers natural-looking photos.

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I love this tool because it controls my emotions on my profile photos and social media uploads. It offers better active expression effects than the fixed and artificial expressions I get on other tools. Highly recommended!

Steve Singten
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I rarely give any reviews about the apps and programs I use, but this one is an exception. The changes in smiling editor app are of top quality and natural. I also love that it leaves room for more facial expression effects in the future. Keep up,!

Ryan Jonson
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This program is perfect for detecting faces and applying changes to happy expressions. You’ll clearly see the difference between the original and edited photos without noticing any artificial alterations. And it’s free!

Lena L
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I love this AI smile filter. It allows me to add the much-needed extra emphasis and feel to my photos. I often use it whenever I want to upload a portrait photo with specific facial expressions.

Carol C
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This is such a clever AI expression changer that does precisely what it’s meant to do. I could add a big smile to my LinkedIn profile photo to look more cheerful. Excellent!

Edwin Spice
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