Add Glasses to Photo

Our free AI glasses generator lets you quickly add amazing shades and spectacles to photos online. Transform your face into a cool, funny, or creative look with AI-generated face effects that will leave everyone in awe.

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1-Click Glasses Photo Editor

Apply AI-generated glasses to your photos with a single click. It’s a beginner-friendly program that instantly generates AI glasses for your face photos.

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Powered by Advanced AI Technology

Our glasses photo editor uses sophisticated AI technology to scan and analyze facial features like shape and size. This allows it to generate the best-fitting glasses for your photo.

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AI Glasses for All Genders

Whether you want to generate AI glasses for a male or female photo, this eyeglass generator is the best tool. scans photos to create glasses for males, females, children, and more.

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More AI Face Effects

This tool does more than just add glasses to photo online free. Exploit the extra funny effects like age filters, gender swaps, and artificial beards to generate creative AI photos.

How to Add Glasses to Photo Online with Ease?

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload Your Photo.

    Open AI Face Editor on your browser, then tap Upload Image to browse and add a local photo to the glass generator. You can upload JPG, PNG, BMP, JPEG, and WEBP.

  • pick glasses generator

    Step 2. Generate Virtual Glasses.

    After uploading a photo, tap the Glass Generator effect. Then, click Start to Process to apply a cool glass effect to your photo.

  • download

    Step 3. Download the Glass Photo.

    Once has finished adding an AI-generated glass to your face photo, download and save the picture. It’s that easy!

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add glasses to photo
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Make Funny Eyeglass Photos

Adding sunglasses to your photos can make them look more funny and engaging. For example, you can add glasses to a nice picture of your pet or child to make them look more attractive to your online followers. With Glasses Photo Editor, you can add glasses to photo AI and breathe life into your pictures. Our AI-generated glasses can add a funny and realistic vibe to your photos in seconds.

Create Professional Online Images

It’s a known fact that wearing spectacles can make you look professional. Your profile photo on LinkedIn and other job-hunting platforms must always look professional and approachable. Selecting suitable eyeglasses for your photoshoot can help you ooze power and professionalism. can quickly add spectacles to photo while striking the right balance between sophistication and style. Our professional AI glasses can come in varying styles, including rectangle, oval, and more.

add spectacles to photo
hide facial features by adding glasses

Hide Some Facial Features

Sometimes, you may have a strong prescription glass that can make your eyes look too small in a portrait photo. You may also have lazy eyes that are easy to notice in a headshot. Thankfully, can adjust these facial features to help you look more professional in a photo. Besides adding spectacles or sunglasses to your photo, this AI Face Editor has other features to make your photos look more attractive. For instance, you can remove makeup, add a smile, or generate beards.

More Than Just an AI Glasses Adder

Powered by AI, besides pairing you with lifelike glasses, powerful face editor always provides the most popular online tools to suit your creative needs. Explore more funny AI tools to make you look ultra cool!

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This is the ultimate tool for photo adjustment editing. I highly recommend this tool for adding glasses to any portrait photo and creating the ideal profile picture for social media or job interviews. It’s a valuable app in several ways.

John Diaz
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I’ve used several image editors before and the sunglasses looked fake. With this eyeglass generator, I can create sunglasses and spectacles that suit my face better. I also like the extra image editing features for adding smiles, beards, age filters, and more.

Elena Sparks
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An excellent website to add sunglasses to photo online for free. The generated glasses are elegant, realistic, and of the right fit regardless of the uploaded picture. It simply does what it says!

Brian West

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