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One tap automatically extracts acapella or vocals from any song with high quality. Online, free, and pretty easy.

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How to Make an Acapella from a Song?

If you possess with audio editing knowleged, you could use an acepella ap like Audacity to extract acapella from a song or music file. However, most people are looking for a way to swiftly isolate vocal or acapella from a song with one click! is an AI vocal extractor for helping you get acapella sounds from all video and audio formats online, including MP3, MP4, M4A, M4R, OGG, MOV, FLV, etc. You only need 3 simple steps to make a song into acapella!

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload An Audio or Video File.

    Tap 'Upload' to import the music file from your local storage. You can upload a video or audio file for acapella track extracting.

  • extract

    Step 2. Wait a Few Seconds for Auto Acapella Extraction.

    The tool will automatically analyze your file and separate vocals from instrumentals. The speed depends on the file size, though.

  • download

    Step 3. Download the Acapella File.

    Finally, preview the extracting result and download the 'Vocals' track to your local storage. You can also download 'Instrumentals' and swap the acapella voice with your favorite AI singers.

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Why Choose Online Acapella Extractor to Create Acapella? is the best acapella extractor for beginners and professionals alike. This online software is absolutely free to use, and users don't need prior knowledge to use it. Getting a clean acapella audio isn't that hard as imagined, and you can also change the pitch of the acapella or find the bpm of it before you recreate the music! Aside from extracting vocals from existing songs, you can also choose to record acapellas online. Give them a try!

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Easy to Isolate Acapella

With, you don't need prior audio editing skills to extract vocals and instrumentals. You only need a click to get the acapella in MP3 or other audio format.

ai vocals extractor

AI Acapella Songs Maker uses the latest advanced AI technology to easily auto-extract acapella tracks with Hi-Fi quality preserved. Just load up a file and wait for the results.

quality result

High Quality Acapella Acapella Extractor delivers excellent crisp-clear acapella quality. Meanwhile, it will retain the original quality of the instrumental tracks.

secure acapella maker

Safe Acapella Maker Acapella Generator provides around-the-clock data security. It will automatically delete all uploaded data within 24 hours along with SSL encryption.

available for any device

Cross-Platform Useable

This online acapella maker offers excellent Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows compatibility. No installation is required! You only need a browser for free use!

various formats support

Support Various Formats

It supports a wide array of formats. Here, you can create an acapella from MP3, WAV, MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, OGG, AAC, FLAC, etc. Export with the format you need.

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FAQs About Extracting an Acapella

  • If you want to create crystal clear acapella files on mobile or PC, use Acapella Extractor. It's simple and supports all standard video and audio formats. Also, the eventual acapella is devoid of any instrumentals like bass, piano, guitar, etc. Follow these steps:

    Step 1. Launch Acapella Extractor on your browser and then drag and drop your media file on the UI. Or, tap Choose Files to select a media file.
    Step 2. Now grab a cup of tea as you wait for to separate acapella from your music file. It only takes a few seconds.
    Step 3. Finally, find the Vocals file and click the Download button beside it to save it on your local storage. That's it!

  • It would only take a screen tap to extract acapella from a YouTube file using Acapella Extractor. Here're the steps:

    Step 1. Tap the YouTube icon. Then, copy the YouTube video URL link and paste it on the field provided.
    Step 2. Click Add and will analyze the YouTube link and begin separating vocals from instrumentals. This should be fast.
    Step 3. Now locate the Vocals file and download it to your local storage. Congratulations!

  • is a free website for isolating vocals from instrumentals quickly and easily. It uses AI technology to extract vocals, bass, piano, guitar, keyboard, and more. But sadly, the UI is a bit crowded with pesky adverts everywhere. Even worse, the maximum upload limit is 50MB.
    So, use Acapella Extractor to quickly separate vocals from instrumentals. With this acapella maker online free, you'll enjoy a fast and automated session, thanks to its advanced machine learning. What's best, the maximum upload limit is 100MB.

  • There are many reasons to get vocal remover software.
    First, you may want to practice singing along to your favorite songs. This can be the case for karaoke performers at birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.
    Also, you may want to create a remix of your favorite tracks by adding your custom-made beats or instrumentals.
    Additionally, a neatly done vocal can make your phone stand out from the crowd when it rings.

Jolie the Don
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Okay, this vocal extractor online may not be on the same level as Audacity. But it definitely satisfies my needs. I can easily extract vocals from video formats, something that's rare to find. Keep it up, guys!
Lloyd Divan
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This acapella generator app works brilliantly. It's smooth on iPhone, Android, or PC. Overall, it gets the job done with ease.
Brown Bear
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This acapella extractor is simply the best. It completely removes vocals and instrumentals from a song. You won't hear any echoes.
Jedi Harrison
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I love the fact that this online vocal isolator works with both videos and audio files. The output quality is also good. Highly recommended!
Incan Shah
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This is an excellent piece of innovation from the team. It's swift, and the output is crystal clear. Thank you!
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