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"I'm looking for a ringtone maker, intuitive, free, and without ads. Do you have recommendation?" – Question from Reddit user.

Are you asking the same question? Then look no further than Media.io Ringtone Maker. This ringtone cutter can create ringtones from various audio formats, including MP3, M4R, AAC, FLAC, WAV, and more. Interestingly, this ad-free online ringtone cutter also lets you generate quality ringtones from video formats like MOV, MTS, VOB, DAT, MP4. That's not all; you can precisely Keep or Remove the melody duration by entering the start and stop times. Plus, you can add fade effects and convert audio to various audio formats. So, upload a file and try!

How to Make Your Ringtone from Any Audio Online?

Want to customize your name ringtone with a song mix? Media.io gives you a way to cut and mix songs for ringtone making. For creating different ringtone themes, you just need to upload different types of melodies to match different moods and times. Now use this online ringtone maker to make morning ringtones, alarm ringtones, or different format ringtones capable with Apple devices, Samsung, or other Android handsets.

  • upload audio

    Step 1. Upload Any Audio or Video File.

    Open Media.io online ringtone editor from any web browser, tap Choose Files and then browse for a local song file or recorded audio that you want to edit. You can also load sound files from Google Drive or Dropbox.

  • cut ringtone

    Step 2. Personalize the Ringtone Duration.

    Now drag the trimming bars on each end to chop off unwanted parts. Enter the Start and Stop durations for a more precise length. Tap Keep and apply Fade in/out effects to make your ringtone sound more professional and natural.

    Tips: Perfectly for iPhone users, who can only create 40-second ringtones.

  • download

    Step 3. Export Your New Ringtone.

    Check your ringtone in advance then simply click the Export button to save your personalized ringtone.

    Tips: To create a ringtone with song mixes, try Song Mixer.

upload audio file for making ringtone
edit ringtone for phone
export a new iphone or android ringtone

*Tips You Should Know:

Pro Tip 1: If are creating a ringtone for iPhone or iPad, then choose M4R as audio format; if for generating an Android ringtone, then set MP3 as the target format. If needed, you can quickly convert an audio format to another for free with Media.io Audio Converter.
Pro Tip 2: To access multi-track audio editing feature, you could enter our decent Audio Editor.
Pro Tip 3: Before making a ringtone, you could use BMP Finder to set the tempo first.
Pro Tip 4: To create AI vocals based on your beloved voice, you could give our AI Cover Song Generator a shot.

Why Choose Media.io Ringtone Maker Online?

Media.io is the best ringtone maker app for Android, iOS, and computers. It works on all HTML5 web browsers and doesn't feature those annoying adverts. It's also worth noting that this ringtone cutter lets you create ringtones from video files. This reason alone should make it your go-to ringtone maker. It's free, by the way!

easy ringtone maker

Online Ringtone Cutter App

Media.io Audio Editor is a relatively straightforward MP3 cutter and ringtone maker for iPhone and Android. You don't need prior audio editing knowledge to use this online ringtone maker.

precisely adjust ringtone duration

Cut Ringtone for iPhone/Android

It lets you trim ringtones precisely and add a fade-in fade-out effect. You can customize Apple ringtones or create ringtones for Android based on the audio waveform and the melody you want to keep.

audio crossfade effect

Add Fade Effects for Ringtones

With this MP3 ringtone maker, you can apply a fade-in effect at the beginning of your ringtone and a fade-out effect at the end. This will make your ringtone sound more natural and smooth.

any audio format output

Support Various Media Formats

Media.io Ringtone Maker allows you to create ringtones from any audio or video format like MP3, FLAC, OGG, AU, FLV, MP4, VOB, MOD, etc... And you can export ringtones in multiple audio formats!

cut, combine audios for ringtone

Cut & Merge MP3 Ringtone

Not only does Media.io cut ringtones, but it can also merge them. This ringtone cutter online free allows you to trim and merge multiple audio files. Save the mixed audio files with Hi-Fi music quality.

safe ringtone maker

Safe & Secure to Use

To ensure data security, Media.io uses advanced SSL encryption. In addition, this Samsung ringtone maker as well as the iPhone ringtone maker auto-deletes all uploaded files after 24 hours.

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FAQs About Making Your Name Ringtone

  • If you're a ringtone user, you'll know that the maximum ringtone playback duration is 40 seconds. On the other hand, Android-ers can make their ringtones as long or short as possible, although 30 seconds is recommended. Therefore, use Media.io ringtone cutter to trim and convert ringtone to M4R (iPhone ringtone) or MP3 for Android.

  • M4R is the recommended audio format for iPhone ringtones. But when uploading your ringtone, always ensure that its playback duration is no more than 40 seconds. So, if you want to shorten your M4R audio before setting as the iPhone ringtone, just upload your M4R audio to Media.io Ringtone Cutter, enter the start and stop durations and use the trimming handles to achieve the 40-second mark quickly. Lastly, click Export. Nothing else!

  • Sometimes you may want to merge audio when creating a ringtone. In that case, use Media.io Audio Joiner. It's simple, actually. First, launch the audio merger tool and then tap Choose Files to load the audio files. After that, you can merge several audio clips before adding fade effects. Then, set MP3 or M4R as the target format before clicking Merging. This tone cutter online will do the dirty work.

  • You don't only need to cut MP3 to make a ringtone. You may need to do the same to create a notification for alarm, SMS, email, specific incoming calls, and so on. So, just like making ringtones, use Media.io Ringtone Creator. All you need to do is adding MP3 file, then trim it to a few seconds, depending on your preference. To make the audio sound more professional, you can apply fade-in and fade-out effects. When satisfied, click Export and replace your default alarm or notification.

Belinda Adams
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This ringtone maker and cutter is all I've been looking for. It works smoothly on my iPhone and allows me to trim, merge, and mix ringtones on the go. And guess what? It's free for freebie lovers like me!
Jimmy Jones
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This is the best ringtone making app for Android by a country mile. It allows me to generate MP3 ringtones from any audio or video file. I love it!
General Hatake
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I'm honestly in love with this online ringtone maker. It allows my Samsung Galaxy to ring precisely how I need it, and I can merge multiple audios to create a unique ringtone.
Liz Lyn
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This online ringtone cutter and maker is very easy to use. It cuts audio with unreal precision, thanks to the waveform audio track. Don't forget that it's also an MP4 ringtone cutter? That means you can cut videos and convert them to audio.
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This website is cool and fun to play around with. I use it to create ringtones for my phone for free. It simply saves me lots of stress and time. Perfect!
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