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Add background music, your voiceovers or sound effects to any video with our online free video editor. You'll find it pretty easy to create a captivating audio video!

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Video Audio Mixer Online

The importance of sound in a video cannot be underestimated. For starters, you can add audio to video to make it more engaging and fun to watch; you may look to replace a noisy video narration with something more presentable; or produce a show-stopping music video to promote yourself. So, whichever the scenario, use Online Video Editor to add music to video for free quickly and easily. It's a simple online program that supports multitrack timeline editing for all video and audio formats. Just add the audio and video files to the timeline and make the necessary adjustments. You can trim, split, apply fade effects, add texts, elements, picture overlays, and so on. Most importantly, Online Free Video Editor doesn't leave a watermark on your video. Give it a try!

How to Add Audio to Video?

  • upload audio and video file

    Step 1. Add Video and Audio to the Timeline.

    Launch Online Video Editor and then click the Upload button to load your video and audio files from local storage. Or, you can directly upload a YouTube video by clicking the From URL tab and then pasting the video link. Either way, tap "+" to add your files to the timeline.

  • edit and fine-tune audio and video

    Step 2. Streamline the video and audio tracks.

    To make your background audio sound more professional, you can trim, split, copy, and delete. Also, tap the audio track and click the Fade button to apply fade effects and move the volume slider to retouch the playback volume.

  • export your video inserted audio file

    Step 3. Export and Save the Video with Audio.

    If satisfied, tap the Aspect Ratio drop-down arrow at the top-right corner and choose a rate. Finally, tap Export, enter the video file name, select the video resolution quality, and click Continue. It's that simple!

upload video and audio flie
edit audio and video on the timeline
download video file with background audio
AI music generator

Create Royalty-free Background Music with AI.

Endless music tracks matched your vibe, mood & style.
Turn unique ideas into resonant musical compositions instantly.
Ideal for diverse video themes: sports, dancing, singing, gaming, travel, vlogs, and more.

Why Choose to Add Audio to Video?

online audio video combiner

Online Audio Video Merger

Unlike other professional video editor softwares, is excitingly easy to use. It directly works in your web browser. You don't need any special skills to add song to video.

fully-fledged audio editing tools

Modify Audio Allowed

This simple tool allows you to retouch audio to make it sound more engaging and professional. You can mute, trim, split, adjust volume, delete, apply fade effects, etc. More audio editing are available, like instrumental maker, acapella extractor.

flexible timeline to edit audio video

Multi-Track Editor

The multitrack editing timeline allows you to add multiple audios to video simultaneously. This will enable you to add separate audios to specific scenes or trim and reposition the audio tracks. You can even add an image overlay to the video.

various formats support

Any Format Accepted Add Audio to Video supports all standard video and audio formats. It works with MP4, AVI, FLV, MTS, WebM, MP3, AAC, OGG, and much more.

full video recordings editor

Music Video Maker for Social Media Add Audio to Video tool allows you to export videos to numerous social media platforms. You can set the aspect ratio for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, WhatsApp, more.

output HD video for free

High Qualty Output video audio mixer supports HD-quality video outputs in multiple resolutions. It supports 1080p, 720p, and 480p outputs.

Why You Add Music/Sound to Video?

Make videos for special moments
Spice Up Your Presentation
Replace noisy video narrations
Boost social media engagement

Make a Unique Music Video for Special Moments

Music is known to whip up emotions. As such, you can choose a specific theme or genre for a particular occasion. For example, RNB and Soul music will do if you're creating a romantic video for wedding anniversaries or weddings. On the other side, use Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, or Big Band genres to bring out the energy in a fitness video. But remember, use the instrumental part always.

Spice Up Your Presentations with Vocals

Almost everyone likes to watch a video presentation with audio. To hold the interest of the viewers, you can add audio like voiceover, narration, or subtle background instrumental to make the video interesting and easy-to-understand. Plus, please be noted that when inserting an instrumental track, keep its volume low.

Match Background Music with Your Video Tone

Have you ever shot a nice video only to realize that the narration on somewhat off? Or, the video can have someone shouting in the background or a baby crying. So, instead of suffering to reshoot the scene, just mute that particular scene and add a nice piece of background audio. Your audience won't even know you did that, by the way.

Audio Boosts Social Media Engagement

Everybody loves music. And if you're a digital marketer on social media, the impact of adding music to a video is enormous. Think that's a lie? Well, research by Digiday says that some 85% of Facebook-ers watch videos without audios. This means that adding catchy background music can make your videos get more views on this highly populated platform.

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FAQ about Adding Audio to Video

  • Learning how to insert audio in a video is easy with Online Video Editor. Here is how:
    Step 1. Enter Online Video Editor and then tap Upload to load your video and music file.
    Step 2. Tap the green Plus icon to move your video and audio to the multitrack timeline.
    Step 3. After that, edit audio by trimming, splitting, copying, deleting, adjusting volume, etc.
    Step 4. Finally, tap Export, choose a resolution, and add audio to video on

  • Add Audio to Video supports all media formats, including adding MP3 to MP4. Here are the steps:
    Step 1. Hit Upload button to add your MP3 and MP4 files.
    Step 2. Drag the files to the editing timeline and edit them appropriately.
    For instance, you can trim and split to make the background audio sound more engaging.
    Step 3. Preview your new MP4 video and click Export to save the video. It's that easy!

  • If you want to replace your video's background music or sound, Online Video Editor will handle that easily.
    Just load the video on the editing timeline and then tap the "Mute" icon on the left side of the video track. Then, add the music you want to use as a new background sound and export the video. Wasn't that easy?

  • Adding music to video in iMovie is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow these steps:
    Step 1. Open your video project on the iMovie timeline and tap the Audio button.
    Step 2. Then, choose a piece of music to upload and tap the Play button to preview it.
    Step 3. Drag the music below the video on the timeline and Save your new video.

    Top Tip: Although iMovie is free and easy to use, this program is only for Mac and iPhone users. Even worse, you'll need to download and install it from App Store. So, to avoid all these inconveniences, use Online Video Editor. It runs smoothly on any mobile or desktop browser and packs many editing tools. What's more, is free to use and doesn't watermark your videos.

  • You can natively add music to your Facebook posts or stories. Do this:
    Step 1. Open Facebook and tap the picture icon next to the "What's on your mind" text field.
    Step 2. Next, browse through your gallery to select a video or click the Camera icon to record a video. Click Next to proceed.
    Step 3. Find the Edit icon and click it. Then, tap the Audio icon to select music. Remember that Facebook has thousands of licensed music and sound effects to use.
    Step 4. Click Done if satisfied.

    - Using Facebook's inbuilt video music adder can be a little bit challenging and time-consuming;
    - The royalty-free music tracks on Facebook are pretty short;
    - It lacks integrated audio editing options.
    With it concerned, I recommend adding music to video with Online Video Editor before loading it on Facebook. It's easier and better that way!

  • Music or sound effect can make your GIF funnier and more appealing to watch. So, to add music to GIF, initially, use Online Video Editor to apply background audio to video. After that, upload the new video on Online Video to GIF Converter and generate the GIF file.

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