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Boomerangs have been around for a long time. They are not videos nor are they GIFs. So, what exactly is a boomerang video? A boomerang is a short and fun video loop that you can fast-forward or reverse. This can be a video of your dog jumping, blowing birthday candles, and so on. Actually, you can convert any video to boomerang. But learning how to make a boomerang video for the first time can be challenging. While you can easily do that on Instagram's Boomerang App, you can only use live videos.

So, if you want to convert your locally saved videos into an amazing boomerang, consider using Online Boomerang Maker. You will know how easy could be to boomerang a video. Now boomerage video with your idea!

How to Easily Make a Boomerang Video Online? is an online boomerang maker that lets you loop videos on iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac or any other systems. You just need to upload your video and set the loop duration and number of loops. You can loop your video 2x up to 8x, which should be more than enough to create a catchy boomerang video. Now, produce your own boomerang video and share it as many times as you like, from anywhere in the world!

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload Your Video for Boomerang.

    Launch Boomerang Maker then tap Choose Files to browse and upload a video. You can load almost all standard video formats or add a YouTube video link by tapping the YouTube icon.

  • make boomerang

    Step 2. Customize the Number of Loops and Effects.

    Drag the trimming sliders to cut the video part that needs to add a boomerang, enter the boomerang duration of this video clip, then add a boomerang effect and insert the number of loops you want. You can loop the video up to 8x to generate the desired result.

  • download

    Step 3. Preview and Download the Boomerang Video.

    Now check your looped boomerang video and add more loops if needed. After previewing it, tap Export to convert the video to boomerang with lossless quality.

upload existing video to boomerang maker
boomerang the video online
download the converted boomerang video

Pro Tips: Do you want to mute, speed up, slow down or reverse your boomerang video as well? If so, take a step further to access other advanced features - video speed changer (that slows down the boomerang video by 0.25X and fast-forward by 4X), muter, reverser to get the job done well. Additionally, you also have capablity of recording and editing a whole-new boomerang video for Instagram with one-stop video creation workspace.

Boomerang Video Makes Everyday Moments Fun!

Boomerang videos can upgrade your video effect and load with more fun. An easy-to-use video editor can turn your videos into boomerangs with cool effects.

Boomerang Your Recorded Video Without Limits

When Instagram introduced the Boomerang feature in 2015, it revolutionized how people shared their everyday moments on Instagram. You only need a screen tap to capture a video or stitch up your photos into a boomerang video. But this app doesn't work with local photos and videos, which accouts for the release of online boomerang creator. It lets you create an Instagram boomerang story video. Almost all standard formats are supported, like MP4, MOV, MTS, 3GP, etc.

Boomerang Your Recorded Video

Add Cool Boomerang Effects

Boomerangs can be fun and engaging but only if you use the right effects. With Instagram Boomerang App, you can add a slow-motion effect or a motion blur to make your video stand out. The trimming feature also gives you more flexibility and control over the content. But to enjoy similar features while creating a boomerang video from local videos, might as well try Boomerang Maker.

Add Cool Boomerang Effects

Level Up Your Boomerang Video.

Your boomerang video isn't complete without some enhancements. For example, you can make it more engaging by adding befitting background music or sound effects. You can also customize it by adding captions, flipping, cropping, etc. Just make the most of online site to turn a video into boomerang plus many more.

Level Up Your Boomerang Video.

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FAQs of Making a Boomerang Video

  • Yes, you can convert a video to boomerang using Instagram's Boomerang app or with Boomerang Maker. However, you can only boomerang live videos using the former, while the latter lets you boomerang a video from camera roll or other existing videos. Nonetheless, both ways will easily give you an engaging boomerang video.

  • To easily make a video into a boomerang on your mobile phone or computer. Follow these steps:
    Step 1. Fire up Boomerang Maker to upload media.
    Step 2. Trim and loop video to create boomerang effect for your video. If needed, change the video speed and do more after video downloading.
    Step 3. Download the boomerang video. (Optionally, do more edits.)

  • Unfortunately, you can't boomerang a locally saved video on Instagram. Therefore, apply to create boomerangs online easily. This boomerang editor allows you to create looped videos from any video, including YouTube URLs.

  • Creating an Instagram boomerang video online from scratch is a straightforward process.
    First, open online cam recorder to record a HD-quality video that can stand out from the crowded Instagram. If you want to create boomerang videos from photos, get a online slideshow maker.

    After recording your video, proceed to loop and edit it accordingly. Again, should sort you out here. Use it to loop your video several times. You can also trim the video and loop a specific scene. Remember, the maximum video length for Instagram stories is 15 seconds. So, play within that limit.

    If satisfied with the video, download and upload it to Instagram Story. Before sharing the video, you can customize it with Instagram Story texts, stickers and so on. It's always good to use Instagram's inbuilt elements as they'll make your video trendy. Cheers!

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