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Automatic Podcast Transcription

Podcasts have become a terrific method for artists and businesses to dialogue with their audiences. Even though podcasts are mostly audio, more and more people prefer visuals to enhance their listening experience. Despite this, 80 percent of social networking videos are viewed with the audio turned down. And many of those social media videos did not have subtitles and captions! To boost the number of people who listen to your podcast, consider making subtitles available.
You can boost engagement when more people comprehend the information delivered in the podcast. Unfortunately, making transcripts of your podcast shows can be time-consuming and expensive. Luckily, is a dependable platform for video and audio transcribing. Closed captions and subtitles can be added to your podcast audio or video files using this tool, and your podcast's listeners and viewers will see them directly.

How to Generate Podcast Transcripts Automatically?

Transcribing a podcast is straightforward when using the free automated subtitle generator in the video editor. You will save time and simplify your job due to the AI speech recognition technology. To transcribe a podcast using the Auto-subtitle generator of, follow these steps:

  • upload

    Step 1: Upload Podcast Audio

    Go to Video Editor on your preferred browser and upload your podcast audio by clicking the Upload media button.
    Note: You can import files from a local disk, Google Drive, YouTube, and Dropbox. You can also upload a podcast video.

  • transcibe

    Step 2. Generate Transcript & Subtitles Automatically

    Now, drag it to the timeline, and click on the Subtitles from the side menu. After that, select your subtitle language and then click the Start auto-subtitle button and wait for the subtitles to be generated.

  • Edit

    Step 3: Edit & Stylize Generated Subtitles

    Once the subtitles are generated, click the Play button to check the generated texts and correct them when necessary.
    Click on the Subtitle Style tab to customize the subtitles' font, size, color, border, transparency, etc.

  • download

    Step 4: Download the Podcast with Subtitle

    Add photos to your podcast video to make it more visible.
    Preview your podcast video, and click on the Export button at the top to save the video.

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Why Use to Transcribe Podcasts?

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Highly Accurate

This free auto subtitle generator uses powerful machine learning to identify audio and automatically insert subtitles. You won't even have to manually correct the subtitle tracks (for a clear voiceover).

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Supports 89 Languages Subtitle Generator online supports podcasting in 89 languages. You can choose from various languages such as English, German, Chinese, Indian, Spanish, etc.

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Edit and Format Subtitles

After the automated video captioning is completed, you may alter the captions to make the words seem more appealing. For example, you may customize the fonts, color, size, border, opacity, layout, ect.

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Easy Sharing

Provides aspect ratio presets such as 9:16, 16:9, 5:4, 4:5, 2:3 and 1:1 to create podcast videos for different social media platforms to share without any concerns.

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Free & No Watermark

The transcribed subtitles will automatically be added to the podcast video, and the video can be exported for free up to 1080p resolution without a watermark.

Offer Assisting Tools

Supports Multiple Formats

When using, you may quickly burn subtitles onto podcast video files. It supports various video file formats, including MP4, MOV, MTS, AVI, MKV and WebM.

Benefits of Transcribing a Podcast Episode

Expand Your Audiences

Transcripts make podcasts accessible to people who may not be able to hear, people who don't have direct access to reliable internet, or those who simply prefer reading. You share your podcasts with a diversity of languages and nationalities around the world.

expand audiences

Social Media Friendly

Any excellent podcast relies heavily on social media. You may instantly publish your podcast on all social media sites by creating transcripts or test samples of your material. Quotes, highlights, and interviews are simpler to distribute in text form, increasing the viral potential of your material.  

sharing on social media easily

Keeps the Audience Engaged

Podcasts are perfect for working, exercising, driving, cleaning, and other on-the-go activities. However, if the user wants to sit and watch anything visual with their favorite topic, the presenter must keep the listener interested, which is challenging. Of course, numerous unique approaches haven't been utilized before, or if they have, they can be employed in a tailored manner.

add subtitles to podcast for increasing Engagement

FAQs Regarding Podcast Transcription

  • Transcription is the process of converting the podcast audio speech into a text word-for-word for your episodes. You can use automated software like Auto-Subtitle to transcribe the episode and write down every word.

  • Yes, you should because subtitles attract people and omit the chance of language being the barrier in engaging the audience of different regions. Moreover, it allows the viewer to understand better what you're saying.

  • To get subtitles on your podcast video, follow these steps:
    Step 1: Open's video editor in your preferred browser and upload your podcast.
    Step 2: Click on Subtitles and then Start with the auto subtitle option.
    Step 3: Once the subtitles are generated, click on Export to save the video.

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Transcribe Podcast with Subtitles Automatically & Accurately.

Besides generating and adding subtitles to podcasts, also provides many tools that allow you to record, edit, convert and compress without the hassle.
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