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Add images, logo overlays, and watermarks to your videos online for exceptional output.

Add Images to Video Online At Ease

Images and videos are different materials, but sometimes they appear together. For example, adding a photo to your video makes the video more creative and lets your viewers find an easy way to visualize your message. You can also deliver the brand voice/vision to customers through social media with added logos, GIFs, or watermarks over the video.

With online video editor, you can add photos and images to a video on any position as per your will. It supports both PNG and JPG images, and you can use this online platform on any device with an internet connection. You can upload your video and add as many photos as you like within a few clicks. Then, resize, rotate and edit the image at ease.

How to Add Photos to Your Videos Online for Free?

Adding pictures to a specific moment of your video is a new-age method for enhancing viewer engagement. You can do that easily with the free online video editor.

  • upload

    Step 1: Upload Your Video and Photo

    Click the Upload button on the video editor interface to import all the videos and photos to the media library. And then place the video in the timeline panel.

  • add logo to video icon

    Step 2. Add Photo to Video

    Drag and drop the photo above the video in the timeline. Adjust the position, size, location, and duration of the image.

  • download

    Step 3. Download the Video

    Click the Export button to download the video with photos on your device.

upload video to add photo
add photo and text  to video
download video with photo

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Why Choose Online Video to Add Pictures to Video?

handy tool online

Easy Handling online video editor helps easily add the images to the videos by dragging and dropping. No prior video editing knowledge is needed.

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Add Photo to Video Anywhere

You can add photos to video via your browser, whether from the phone, laptop, or desktop.

quality result

Resize Image to Any Size

Adjust the size of the photo in the video for comfortable placement for free. Not only pictures, but you can resize your videos and change their aspect ratio.

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Add Music to Videos

With, you can add music to your videos as per the theme of the video. The music videos are a great addition to your basic marketing videos with added pictures.

available for any device

Customizable Text Overlays

Now give a personal touch to your videos by adding custom text overlays. This platform allows you to select from the variable fonts and the colors to your images added in the video to make them look exceptional.

various formats support

Free with No Watermark

Our free video editor does not charge any service fees. It lets you add photos to videos to make incredible videos without watermarks.

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FAQs About Adding Photos to Video

  • ?

    How to add an image to a video for free?


    Adding images to video is easy with online video editor. First, you need to upload a video and click on the add picture option. After this, select the picture and adjust it according to your will in the video. has easy-to-navigate features that allow you to do all of this at ease.

  • With the help of the online video editor, simply select the photos from the gallery. It will help you choose from the galley and add multiple photos to the video online.

  • Yes, surely it is possible. With the help of the tool, you can easily combine both photos and videos into a new video.

  • Adjusting the photo duration and making it align with the video is simple. Just drag the edge of the photo to adjust its span.

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