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Video Resizer Online

There are many reasons to resize a video online. For example, you might want to crop out unwanted video objects like watermarks and logos. Or, you might simply want to resize the frame dimensions to fit your social media platform. Whichever the case is, use to resize a video online. With this video resolution changer, you can crop and edit the video's height and width before panning and zooming with great accuracy. That's not all. allows you to change the aspect ratio and resize video for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, and other platforms in one tap. What's best, you can export the video to multiple resolutions, including 1080. Upload a file and try!

How to Resize a Video Online?

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload Your Video on

    Launch Editor App on your web browser and then tap the Upload button to load a local video file. Or, tap the drop-down arrow to record a webcam or the computer screen.

  • resize

    Step 2. Change Video Size & Aspect Ratio

    Add the video to the timeline and tap the preview screen. Now double-click and drag the edges of the lasso tool to zoom and resize the video frame dimensions. When satisfied, click the aspect ratio drop-down arrow and choose Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

  • download

    Step 3. Set the Resolution Quality and Export the Video.

    Now click Export and name your new video. Lastly, choose a video resolution before clicking Continue. Congrats!

upload video file
free resize video file
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Why Select to Resize Video?

the quickest video resizer

Fast Online Video Resizer video size converter online is super-fast and works on any device. You can resize videos on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

offer pre-designed aspect ratios

Ready-made Social Media Presets

Want to resize and create videos for Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, and so on? has multiple pre-made aspect ratio options.

personalize video dimension

Custom Video Size Freely

With video size editor, you can scale, pan, zoom, and crop videos to match the frames with a simple mouse click.

various formats supported

Resize MP4/MOV/WebM, etc. online resizing tool allows resize and scale any video format without restrictions.

adjust video resolution for free

Free Video Resolution Changer allows you to export videos in high-quality 1080p resolution for free. It also supports HD qualities like 720p and 480p.

resize video online no watermark

No Watermark, No Ads lets you resize video online for free without watermark. Yes, that includes 1080p videos.

Why You Change Video Dimension & Resolution?

Adjust Video Size to Fit Social Platforms

Are you a social content creator or influencer? Then you should know that different social media platforms have varying video requirements. For example, YouTube supports 16:9 videos without varying resolutions up to 2160p. On the other hand, TikTok supports 1080p videos in a 9:16 aspect ratio. So, whichever social media platform you're using, check the aspect ratio and frame dimensions before editing with

Remove Unwanted Video Objects

Are you surprised? No, you shouldn't! Cropping and panning a video can help you eliminate unwanted objects like watermarks or other unimportant areas. Although there are many watermark removers, most will likely leave a blur on your video. So, use Resize Video to crop out the undesired section without blurring the video or losing quality.

Effectively use the Video Screen Space

Sometimes you might want to add texts, comments, or even logos without blocking the viewers. In that case, use to resize the video aspect ratio and create the necessary black boarders. Remember that you can automatically add your subtitles or captions on the black borders below or above the video. All in all, it's all about maximizing the video screen size.

Reduce Video Size and Compress

Is your computer or phone running out of storage? Fret not because you don't need to uninstall apps and delete files on your PC. Instead, simply resize the video and reduce the resolution quality. It's common knowledge that a lower video resolution creates smaller video files. However, the quality of your video will reduce. Note also that features an excellent Online Video Compressor for resizing the video files size without quality loss.

create social media videos
repurpose a Video for more views
Make the most of optimal screen space
reduce video file size

FAQs About Resizing Video

  • Use to resize video online without watermark for free. With this online program, you can crop and resize video for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Follow me:
    Step 1. Open Editor App and then upload your video. You can also record a webcam or computer screen.
    Step 2. Simply drag the freehand selection to resize the height and width of the video on the preview interface. Also, open the aspect ratio drop-down menu and choose wanted preset.
    Step 3. Click Export. Name your video, and choose an output resolution. Finally, tap Continue to create your video.

    Note: Often, resizing a video via online tool like kapwing resizer, will leave your video with a watermark. In that case, use Watermark Remover to erase video watermark and logo with ease.

  • Compressing your video is super simple with Resize Video tool. Just choose a lower video resolution, like, let's say, 720p or 480p. But for the best results, employ Video Compressor to compress your videos losslessly. Besides MP4, you can also resize MOV, 3GP, MTS, WMV, and other formats. It's free to use, by the way!

  • You can easily resize video for Instagram Story, Instagram Feed, or Instagram TV on iPhone, Android, or PC using Resize Video. Here are the steps:
    Step 1. Upload your video on Resizer and then add it to the timeline.
    Step 2. Edit your video by cropping, zooming, panning, splitting, trimming, and so on.
    Step 3. Set the aspect ratio as 9:16 (Instagram Story), 1:1 (Instagram Feed), or 4:5 (Instagram TV). Finally, tap Export.

  • Is your 4K video taking up too much space, or do you want to convert a 480p video to 1080p? Video Resizer can meet your goal. With it, you can export your resized video to 480p, 720p, or 1080p for free and without watermarks. Just upload a video and get going.

  • There are many desktop video resizer softwares for Mac or Windows users. However, to enjoy an unmatched simplicity and additional features, use to Resize Video. Just fire up this program on your browser and then load your video. After that, resize the video frame by dragging the lasso function on the preview screen before choosing aspect ratio and resolution. That's all!

Jackson Knite
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I've just used this program for a few weeks, and I can't get enough of it. The fact that I can export 1080p videos for free without watermarks is a significant plus. Cool!
Frank Sanchez
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Excellent! This online video resizer helps me resize video for Twitter and Instagram Story easily. No watermarks or hidden charges.
Dean Ross
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I have no problems with this video dimension converter so far. It's super simple to use. I also like the accurate auto-subtitle editor.
star star star star star
An excellent utility software. It does precisely what I want it to do, especially when upgrading the video aspect ratio. I hope to see 2K and 4K outputs soon. Nice one!
Wes Stinger
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I honestly love the ease of use in this all-in-one program. There are no annoying adverts or hidden charges. Just an honest service. Recommended!
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