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Compressing GIF to Reduce Size Online

GIFs carry a whole emotion and a cultural reference to express joy, sorrow, sense of humor, and all kinds of moods that no other digital media can! A GIF file can be in both the static as well animated form which combines multiple static GIFs. The animated GIFs carry large sizes and need to be optimized to make them viral effortlessly.

GIFs have some limitations, such as GIF files utilizing lossless compress, making their size even larger than video files and 256-colors, which will be ruined on compression. Worry not! brings the solution to this problem. This GIF size reducer can compress any GIF file by 65% without losing the original quality and optimize the animated GIFs for better website performance and meme development purposes.

How to Compress GIF Online for Free with is an easy-to-use online GIF compressor that lets you compress GIFs without risky ads and long waiting times. You can save optimized GIFs without a watermark using this entirely free compression tool. It can also be used as a GIF compressor for discord.

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload GIF file

    Open the Online GIF Compression Tool, click the Choose Files option to upload the GIF file you want to compress from local folder.

    Note: GIF Compression tool offers batch upload by which you can reduce the GIF size to 20 files at a time.

  • loop duration

    Step 2. Compress the GIF

    Once uploaded, click on the COMPRESS button at the bottom to start the compression process.

  • download

    Step 3. Download the Compressed GIF File

    Click on the Download button to save the compressed and optimized GIF file. You can also upload the file to Dropbox or Google Drive by tapping the ‘down arrow’ next to the download button.

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Why Choose Online GIF Compressor to Reduce GIF Size?

handy tool online

Easy to use online GIF compressor Online GIF Compressor is a tool that can work seamlessly with Windows/PC, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, and Android. The compressing process is simple, just upload, compress, and download. That’s it.  

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Batch GIF Upload and Compress

No need to wait and compress GIF to 256kb individually. Multiple GIFs can be uploaded to and saved after compression with the batch image upload option.

quality result

Reduce GIF size with minimal quality loss seamlessly reduces the GIF file size (whether static or animated) by 65% without losing or disrupting colors, quality, and frame rate.

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No Watermark in Compressed GIF

Compress GIF online without any watermarks added at the time of export! You can download and share the compressed GIF files completely free.

available for any device

Fast and Efficient will reconstruct the content of your GIF despite deleting any part of data to reduce the size- A fast compression with no quality loss!

various formats support

More than a GIF compressor

Want something more than a GIF Compressor? also allows you to convert YouTube videos to GIFs or create animated GIFs from images.

Various online and offline tools are available to reduce the GIF files. Still, most of them utilize the lossy compress methods that ruin the quality or delete some data to reduce the file size after compression. That’s where comes in!

FAQs about Compressing GIFs Online

  • ?

    How many GIFs can I compress at a time in GIF Compressor online tool?


    You can upload, compress and download up to 20 GIFs at once with GIF compressor.

  • Yes, the compressed file be saved as a .gif extension and will reflect the same quality as the original.

  • Yes, the Download All button is available after the compression process is finished. You can download all compressed GIFs simultaneously.

  • There are plenty of ways to compress GIF size for social media platforms, you can trim the frames, crop away extra space, reduce the GIF dimensions, or compress it.

    To save your time, you can always use a very user-friendly, intuitive, and fast compression tool, i.e., Online GIF Compressor.

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I own a website, and some pages contain animated GIFs to make the content look relevant and engaging. Compressing GIFs with optimized the webpage loading speed and improved the site performance.
Lloyd Divan
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Thanks to GIF online compressor. First, I didn’t have to wait long to download this tool as it was pretty easy to access it online. Second, the batch option compress multiple gifs in the blink of an eye.
Brown Bear
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I used to send GIFs to express my feelings, but a larger file size ruined everything most of the time. Either the GIF file takes so much time to send or gives an error. brings peace in this situation, and now, I can share as many GIFs as I want.
Jedi Harrison
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My husband used to complain about the low phone storage every other day. One day, I checked his phone and found many GIFs in the download folder (as he loves sending GIFs to his friends and gossiping). Then, I found GIF compression online, and his life’s been easier since then.
Incan Shah
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I have been aware of GIF compression tools for many years but never found a tool that didn’t blur my GIFs. I have an Android smartphone, and turned out good for me. Little did I know that this online tool is free of bugs and fast enough to compress 20 GIFs at one time. How cool is that!
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