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Upload MP3 Audio to YouTube Video Online

As the world's most popular online video sharing platform, various fantastic videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. But if you upload your recordings, podcasts, music, or songs to YouTube, you will get an "invalid file format" error. That is because YouTube does not support the direct uploading of audio files such as MP3.

Although YouTube doesn't support uploading audio files directly, there are other ways to make your audio heard. One of the easiest ways is to use the Media.io audio to video tool, which can automatically add visualization to your MP3 files. Just upload your podcasts, songs, voiceovers, or other audio files, and Media.io will do the rest for you! It's free to use without any watermark on the export video.

How to Upload MP3 Audio File to YouTube?

To convert mp3 audio files to YouTube videos, you can follow the steps below to make your audio file into a video for free without a watermark with Media.io.

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload Your MP3 File

    Visit Media.io Audio to Video Tool and click choose files to upload the MP3 audio file that you want to publish to YouTube.
    Leave the aspect ratio to 16:9 and check add sound wave png if needed, and click Create to continue.

  • edit mp3-video

    Step 2: Customize YouTube-Ready MP4 Video

    Change the background image in the video editing interface, and add your logo or headshot with a CTA to cross-promote.
    You can trim the MP3 audio, boost its volume or add more MP3 files to make a longer video.

  • download

    Step 3: Export and Download

    Click the Export button to save the MP4 file for YouTube on your device.
    There is no watermark on the generated MP3 to MP4 video.

  • upload to youtube

    Step 4: Upload the MP4 file to YouTube

    Head over to the YouTube website, click the camera icon in the top right corner, and then click Upload video to upload your audio-video file.

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Why Choose Media.io to Create MP3 Video for YouTube? ?

With Media.io's free and easy-to-use audio to video maker, everyone can convert mp3 files to video and upload them to YouTube without the need to master some professional design skills. It not only makes audio covert to the video in minutes but also provides editing tools to polish your video for publishing.

the quickest video cutter

Simple and Quick

Media.io offers an intuitive interface with self-explanatory options that enable you to upload your audio files and convert them to videos easily and quickly.

accurately cut video

No Watermark and No Ads

There are no promotional ads displayed when you are working on the platform, and the output video has no watermark as well even for free members.

all round video editor

Feature-Rich YouTube Editor

Besides basic video editing tools, Media.io also provides a screen recorder, webcam recorder, and auto-subtitle features to fast your editing efficiency.

cut video in many mainstream formats

Audio Editing Options

Trim, cut, loop, and adjust the volume of the audio file within one click. In addition, you can even add fade-in and fade-out effects to the MP3 file.

easy-to-use YouTube cutter

Different Aspect Ratio Presets

Create MP3 audio to video files for different social platforms with various aspect ratio presets effortlessly, including 16:9, 1:1, 9:16 and 4:3.

lossless video cutter

Free & Secure

Our MP3 to YouTube video maker is free to use without a watermark and works on any web browser. We are committed to guaranteeing file security and privacy.

Benefits of Uploading MP3 to YouTube

Grow Your Audience

Although MP3 is a common audio format and YouTube supports only video files, after you convert the audio to video and upload MP3 to YouTube, more people have access to your creations. This means that the scope of the audience is expanded, and you become more visible across the globe. You can assess your reachability by the fact that approximately 2 billion viewers are logged in to YouTube each month. If you advertise your productions well, you have a great chance of ending up with a huge fan base, thus gaining more profit both fame-wise and commercially.

Interact With Your Audience

YouTube also has a comments section where the viewers can add their thoughts. When you upload audio to YouTube, you can interact with your audience directly and get engaged in productive communication if you enable the comments option. Even though you may get some criticism, those criticizing comments could be taken as genuine feedback that can help you improve and come up with way better outputs in the future.

Shorten Video for Social Sharing
Shorten Video for Social Sharing

Recommended YouTube Video Settings

The standard aspect ratio is 16:9 on a computer, and the recommended resolution is 1280x720.

Besides the recommeded .MP4 format, you can also upload video in MOV, WMV, AVI, WebM and other formats.

The most common frame rates for YouTube videos are 24/25//30/48/50/60 FPS. Upload the video with the same FPS at recording.

By default, you can upload videos up to 15 minutes long. Verified accounts can upload videos longer than that (256 GB or 12 hours).

FAQs about Uploading MP3 to YouTube

  • No, you cannot upload MP3 to YouTube as an audio file. However, there is a workaround where you can convert the audio to video (with the help of Media.io for example), and then upload that video clip to the streaming media platform easily.

  • Several online and PC applications are available to get the job done. However, the process can be easily completed with the help of the Audio to Video converter tool that Media.io has.

  • Although the most common and widely used format is MP4, and that is what YouTube expects you to upload the files in, many other extensions are supported by the platform, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG 4, MPG, WMV, AVI, MOV. You can also use the Media.io video converter to set up the correct video format.

  • The most straightforward way to upload MP3 to YouTube is by converting the audio to video using Media.io which enables you to get the process done in merely a few simple mouse clicks. After converting, you can upload the video to YouTube using your preferred method.

  • YouTube is a flexible platform and supports almost all types of resolutions when it comes to uploading videos. With that said, your film/clip can be anywhere from 240p (the minimum accepted resolution by YouTube) to 2160p (the maximum accepted resolution) to become eligible for publishing. However, considering the current technology, it is advisable to upload your videos in full HD, i.e., 1080p which is supported by most PC and mobile screens these days.

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The Media.io online audio to video tool helps me convert my favorite podcasts to video. This tool is handy, all I have to do is upload my audio file, and it automatically creates a video for me.

Haley Dunphy
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I was looking for a free online tool that would allow me to convert my favorite songs into a music video, and I found the Media.io online video editor! It’s free to use, and there are no watermarks on my exported video. What’s more, I can upload my images, add texts and save the video up to 1080P for free!

Alex Winter
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The auto-subtitle tool is amazing when I was trying to make an audio video by transcribing my commentary recordings. It’s fast, accurate, and saves my time without typing anymore!

Eric Pritchett

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