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How to Create a Meme Online Free Easily?

Whether creating an image meme or a gif meme, gets you covered. Follow the steps below to create memes for free:

  • upload image file

    Step 1: Upload Image or Select a Meme Template

    Click the Choose Files button located above to upload the source image or GIF file from your device. If your meme image is stored online, you can also click on the Dropbox or Google Drive icon to upload it.
    Additionally, you can browse through our five meme templates and choose the one that best suits your idea to get started.

  • add texts to meme

    Step 2: Add Text to Meme and Customize

    This free meme creator online provides nine flexible text templates. You can click one by one to preview first, then enter your meme caption and customize the meme text's font, color, alignment, and layout.

  • save made meme

    Step 3: Generate & Share Your Meme

    After you finish editing the text for your meme, choose the platform you wish to share it on. You can select from a list of popular sharing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X (Twitter), Snapchat, LinkedIn, or others.
    The aspect ratio of your meme will be automatically adjusted to meet the requirements of the chosen platform. Finally, click the "Generate" button and watch your awesome meme go viral!

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Why Choose Online Meme Generator?

Easy to use

This free online meme maker has a clear interface. You can readily create funny sticker memes with simple clicks.

Fully-featured Text Meme Maker allows you to personalize meme captions by adjusting the text font, size, position, color and style, thus helping make your words stand out.

Free & No Watermark

Our meme-making website is completely free and doesn't have any watermarks on the generated memes. Additionally, there is no limit on the number of memes free users can create!

No Ads & Safe Meme Generator, while free, allows you to create memes without being interrupted by ads, providing a seamless and uninterrupted secure experience.

Various Meme Text Templates Online Meme Generator has up to 9 mostly-used meme text templates, and you can customize them with unique texts quickly and effectively.

Multi-channel social sharing

With this free meme maker, you can create and share appealing memes on the top social media platforms without worrying about the aspect ratio, as it will be set automatically to meet the requirements.

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