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Transcribe audio and video interview recordings to texts automatically. Accurate, efficient, and confidential.

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Transcribe Interview to Text Online Automatically

Any researcher understands that the only way to get new or difficult-to-find information is to interview the people who can provide it. But organizing long recordings of interviews can be very time-consuming, especially when locating a particular segment of an interview. The good news is that some transcription software allows you to convert audio and video interviews to texts automatically.
The newly launched online Transcription app from the team is one of the best auto transcription tools. With clear sound quality, the transcription accuracy rate can reach 90%+. Moreover, new users can enjoy 30 minutes of free transcription service experience.

How to Transcribe Your Interview Audio and Video Files to Texts?

Transcribing interview recordings is essential to get the critical information in text instead of listening to long audio recordings. Here is how you can do that in the Transcription app.

  • upload interview file

    Step 1: Upload Interview File

    Launch Transcription app on your favorite browser, such as Chrome, and then click on Upload video or audio file to navigate to the audio or video interview you want to transcribe.

  • transcribe interview to text

    Step 2: Specify Language and Transcribe

    Choose the language spoken in the interview after the file is loaded, and then click on the Transcribe Now button to begin the transcription process automatically.

  • download transcribed interview transcripts

    Step 3: Download Transcribed Text

    Click on the Download text button after the transcription is finished, and the transcripts file will be downloaded in TXT format to your local drive.
    Note: You can also edit the text file if you see any mistakes or translate it to the language that you desire to transcribe into.

upload interview audio or video to Transcription app in
select language spoken in the interview
save the interview transcripts in txt

Why Use Transcription to Transcribe Interview to Texts?

Transcribe in No Time

Transcribe in No Time can automatically analyze the sound using voice recognition and rapidly create a transcription for the interview file.

Accurate and Precise

Accurate and Precise's AI technology maintains 90%+ accuracy in interview transcriptions and generates text files that are universally acknowledged.

Safe and Secure

Secure and Confidential will never violate your privacy or reveal your important material. We use many levels of security to keep your transcriptions safe.

Affordable Transcription

Affordable Transcription

You can transcribe the video or audio interview recordings for free for up to 30 minutes. Also, has affordable pricing, as lower as $2.00/hour, pay as you go.

Types to Interview You Can Transcribe with

Verbatim Transcription

When you transcribe anything verbatim, you must type down everything, including the filler words (uhms and aahs). This practice is also known as "literal transcription." It is often employed when doing qualitative research that requires the monitoring of human responses. Consider the case of psychological evaluations or market research, for instance— is an invaluable tool when transcribing a video or an audio recording generated in a particular legal situation.

Verbatim Transcription

Clean Transcription

The spoken words are included in clean transcription, but unnecessary words, stutters, and repeats are removed. If a respondent's feelings and tone of voice do not play a significant role, you may benefit from using this strategy. The transcription that has been cleaned up (or modified) might be used for either an article in a newspaper or for your thesis. The majority of transcriptions are done using this method. The elimination of grammatical errors, slang, and unfinished phrases is part of the clean transcribing process.
You can remove unnecessary words in the generated transcripts in Transcription easily, and the texts, audio, and video will be synced automatically.

Clean Transcription

Summary Transcription

There is also something called summary transcription, a sort of transcription. A summary is the most significant reminder that the user is ultimately responsible for determining the transcription quality. This method of creating transcriptions of interviews is used rather seldom. A summary of the interview included in the transcription is often created during the editing process. This form is used for a variety of purposes, including the presentation of meetings.

Summary Transcription

FAQs about Interview Transcription

  • Transcribing the interview means extracting the essential information from an audio or video recording by converting it into text.

  • To evaluate your interviews and include them in your study, you must transcribe them. Transcribing is a time-consuming manual task, so use's transcription tool to transcribe the interview automatically.

  • Yes, you can easily transcribe the audio and video interviews using the transcription tool. It is an easy-to-use transcription tool that provides 90%+ accurate results.

  • Yes, you can edit the transcribed interview texts on After editing the transcribed interview texts, you can download them to your computer. What's more, you can translate the edited texts into other languages, such as Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and French.


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The fact that you are not required to make any edits or write anything by hand makes's audio-to-text feature one of my absolute favorites. You must upload the file, and the tool will take care of the rest.

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In our user research project, I have to interview 3 users each week. The Transcription app helps me a lot since I can use it to transcribe my interview recordings to text fast and accurately. It's my secret weapon to get some insights quickly.

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I'm majoring in journalism, and this summer, I started doing street interviews for a business part-time. After the interviews are completed, I use the Transcription app on on my phone to convert all the recordings into text and then summarize them as a report.

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Sometimes I need to share some interview summaries with my trainees. Some of them speak Chinese, some of them speak Japanese, and some of them speak Spanish. Transcription app fits my need perfectly since I can translate the interview into different languages for free.

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The Transcription is available on my iPhone, so I can transcribe every conversation with my clients on Whatsapp, which helps me a lot since I have to share the clues with my team in time.

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