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Have your favorite celebrity character speak anything for you with our realistic AI voice generator. Wow your audience by mimicking famous voice actors, singers, politicians, cartoons, and anime.

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Did you know that AI has reached a point where it can imitate celebrity voices like Morgan Freeman's? It's true! Thanks to the Media.io Celebrity Voice Generator powered by leading AI technology, you can now transform your voice into those of various celebrities, ranging from the iconic Donald Trump, Joe Bidena and Barack Obama to the mesmerizing voices of Drake and Adele, and many others. The best part? It's completely free to use! This AI celebrity voice generator has been extensively trained to mimic and clone these famous voices, ensuring that you sound just like the real deal without any robotic effects. So, go ahead and give it a try – you'll be amazed at how easily you can channel the voice of your favorite celebrity!

How to Generate Celebrity Voice Using AI?

choose a celebrity ai voice model
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Choose a Celebrity AI Voice Model.
Launch Media.io Celebrity Voice Generator on your mobile or desktop browser, then choose an AI voice model. You can select Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Drake, and other celebrities.
upload audio
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Upload Your Source Audio.
After choosing an AI celebrity voice model, upload your sound file. This celebrity AI voice generator free supports multiple sound formats.
download AI-generated taylor swift's vocal track
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Download Celebrity AI Voice.
Once the file is uploaded, Media.io will automatically scan it and generate a celebrity AI voice in seconds. Now preview the audio and download it as MP3, WAV, or FLAC.
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Enticing Features of Our Free AI Celebrity Voice Generator

simple to use
Breeze to Use

Media.io is a simple to use, even if it's your first time generating celebrity AI voices. The user-friendly interface is backed by powerful AI capabilities, allowing you to create free celebrity AI voices with a single click.

Natural celebrity voices
Natural Celebrity Voices

Media.io produces the most natural-sounding voice replication. The powerful AI technology has been extensively trained to study and mimic thousands of celebrity voice datasets and give you the most authentic AI voices.

generate celeb voices in any languages
Multiple Languages & Accents

This celebrity fake voice generator allows you to create celebrity voices in endless languages, including English, French, Hindi, Chinese, Turkish, etc. To make your new AI voice sound even more authentic, you can input an audio with an accent that matches the celebrity’s voice.

Versatile AI voice models
Versatile AI voice models

Media.io Celebrity Voice Generator is a versatile tool that lets you generate unique celebrity voices. This program has been trained to copy different celebrity styles and tones, including authoritative, convincing, humorous, charming, sad, entertaining and more.

create celebrity singing voice ai
Singing Voices Enabled

Are you an upcoming singer or music producer? Or would you like to play your favorite music in new and unique ways? Media.io AI Singing Generator allows you to create song covers of famous artists such as Justin Bieber, Adele, Drake, and Taylor Swift.

Real-time preview
Real-time Preview

After generating your new celebrity voices, this free AI voice generator lets you preview the voice in real-time. If you are unsatisfied, you can make adjustments before downloading the sound file in multiple formats.

Inject Celebrity Voice Charm into Your Creative Process

Funny Video/Audio Content
Professional Voiceover Creation
Cover Song with Celebrity Voice Filter
  • Funny Video/Audio Content
    AI deepfake videos have become trendy, with multiple social media content creators sharing videos with funny celebrity voice narrations like Donald Trump or Joe Biden. With Media.io Celebrity Voice Generator, you can join this bandwagon by creating funny videos with a celebrity voice. This AI voice celebrity generator will also come in handy when sharing special messages like birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, etc.
  • Professional Voiceover Creation
    A voiceover is a narration on a film or broadcast that accompanies a relevant video or image. For example, you may want to share a video about your biography with photos from your childhood to adulthood achievements. In that case, adding a voiceover can make the video more entertaining and informative. You can even make it more engaging with a celebrity voice narration, such as Morgan Freeman or Barack Obama.
  • Cover Song with Celebrity Voice Filter
    If you like producing or listening to cover songs, you’re in luck, thanks to our AI voice generator celebrity. With this program, you can create professional-sounding cover songs with famous artists like Drake, Justin Bieber, Adele, and Taylor Swift. Interestingly, this free voice cloning program lets you create as many cover songs as you want, allowing you to find the perfect voice for the cover song.
Frequently Asked Questions of
Celebrity AI Voice
  • AI celebrity voices are voice narrations or singing voices generated using extensively trained AI algorithms. These voices are synthesized using deep machine learning techniques, allowing the program to study and mimic human speech patterns before creating natural-sounding audio.

  • Several apps can help you generate a celebrity voice on Android or iOS. However, if you want a celebrity voice changer with cross-platform compatibility, use Media.io Celebrity Voice Generator. It’s a simple-to-use online tool that can generate celebrity AI voices like Donald Trump, Morgan Freeman, Drake, and many others.

  • Changing your voice into a celebrity voice using AI is a relatively simple process with Media.io. Below are the easy steps:
    • Open Media.io Celebrity Voice Generator on your browser.
    • Choose a celebrity voice model from the available options.
    • Now, upload the audio file you want to customize with a celebrity voice.
    • Media.io will auto-replace your voice with a celebrity voice.
    • Preview the generated AI celebrity voice, then download it as MP3, WAV, or FLAC.

  • You’ll need a powerful and famous voice generator like Media.io to generate AI voices from a celebrity. This tool will help you develop authentic celebrity voices such as Biden, Trump, Obama, Drake, etc. You won’t be able to distinguish between AI-generated and authentic celebrity voices.

  • Media.io Celebrity Voice Generator is one of the most famous celebrity voices used on TikTok and YouTube. It helps users create free AI celebrity voices like Obama, Trump, and Biden, Spongebob, Drake, and Taylor Swift.

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