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Quickly enhance your portrait or face photos online using our leading AI photo refinement technology. Instantly remove imperfections, improve lighting, retouch facial details, and restore blurry face images with a single click using our AI face enhancer.

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How to Enhance Your Portrait Photos Online

  • Upload your image

    Step 1. Upload Photo on Image Enhancer.

    Tap on Enhance Face Now button then click Upload Images to load your photos. Alternatively, drag and drop your face photos on

  • Select portrait enhancer option

    Step 2. Choose Appropriate Canvas Settings. will auto-select the AI Enhancer option. You'll also find an image sharpener, restorer, upscaler, and other image enhancement tools.

  • Preview and export

    Step 3. Preview & Download Your Enhanced Photo.

    Now proceed to compare the original photo versus the result. If impressed, click Download to save the enhanced portrait photo to your local folders. It's that quick and easy!

Upload your image
choose photo enhancer
Preview and export

Create Stunning Portraits in Seconds for Free

Retouch & Beautify Portrait Online Automatically

With photo enhancer or photo retoucher, you can easily touch up your images online without pressing any button. Once you upload the photo, this tool will use its face restoration AI capabilities to remove any unwanted elements from your picture. It can help you beautify your face photos by removing blemishes, acne, wrinkles, pimples, black spots, and more. In short, your face will become smoother and more attractive within seconds.

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Convert Low-Res Face Photos to HD Quality

Many instances can lead to low-resolution photos. For example, you can enlarge your images without using the correct tools. Or maybe your camera didn't have enough pixels to take sharp-looking images. Whichever the case, our AI face enhancer online will help you improve the quality of your pictures automatically by increasing the resolution losslessly. In return, this allows you to increase clarity, denoise, balance the color level, and more. Excitingly, our AI photo enhancer can improve the photo resolution to 4K or 8K quality.

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Restore Your Faded Face Photos with AI

Nothing beats the nostalgia you get by looking at old photos taken using the first smartphone cameras. However, most of these photos often look grainy and blurry, especially JPEG/JPG, which often loses quality with time. But don't worry because Photo Colorizer can help you restore your faded face photos with a single click. You can adjust the color, brightness, sharpness, shadows, and even add vibrant colors to black-and-white images. In short, it's an excellent tool to bring your old pictures back to life.

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Add a Bright Smile to Your Face Photos

While smiling in every photo isn't always ideal, this can make you look friendlier and more approachable. Put simply, it creates a cheerful and warm ambience in the image. For example, if you're job hunting on LinkedIn or any other platform, uploading a smiley photo will increase your job-landing success. With that said, Face Editor allows you to add a smile to your photos instantly. It also comes with other facial features to make you look depressed, older, younger, double chin, and more.

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Generate Quality Portraits from Images

It's a foregone conclusion that social media has become an integral part of our lives due to the increased internet and smartphone technologies. These platforms help us connect with friends and family, market products, search for jobs, and more. Creating captivating AI-generated selfies enables you to bring out your unique personality on social media. This AI-backed tool can transform your standard selfies into professional-looking social media headshots. You can also play around with the numerous creative styles to leave your followers in awe.

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Why is AI Face Enhancer
driven by advanced AI
AI Face Enhancement

Our AI photo face enhancer is trained using many datasets to retouch facial elements without distorting proportions. Its ability to effectively detect and enhance details can significantly improve the attractiveness of your images without compromising their natural appearance.

comprehensive face editor
Feature-rich Face Editor does more than just upscale, sharpen, recolor, enhance and retouch photos online. It has an intuitive face editor to add facial expressions like smiling and depression. You can also use the AI selfie generator to create hard-to-skip social media profile photos.

high-quality result
High-quality Image Output enhances your portrait photos without sacrificing originality or output quality. Your AI portrait photos will look sharp and natural, significantly boosting your online presence. No quality loss whatsoever!

Facial Privacy Protection
Facial Privacy Protection

All your uploaded photos on AI Face Enhancer are secure from unwanted access. Your uploaded data is protected using military-grade SSL encryption, and the images are auto-deleted after several hours of creation.

Frequently Asked Questions of
AI Face Enhancer
  • The advent of AI technology means there is no shortage of free AI face enhancement tools. However, if you need an AI portrait retoucher to enhance your photos quickly and professionally, use AI Face Enhancer. It's a simple-to-use tool that doesn't require any Photoshop or image editing skills.

  • lets you enhance portrait photos quickly and easily. Below are the three simple steps:
    • Visit AI Face Enhancer on your browser and upload a portrait photo.
    • Once the photo is uploaded, will auto-scan and enhance it accordingly.
    • Now, crosscheck the enhanced portrait photo and download it if you are satisfied.

  • There are many ways to boost the quality of your portrait images using AI technology. For example, use Face Enhancer to increase the quality of your face photos by removing acne, black spots, wrinkles, and other unwanted elements. You can also use the face editor to add filters such as age, smile, depression, beard, cool glasses, gender, and more.

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I find it hard to believe this AI face enhancement tool is free. Besides enhancing my portrait photos, I can easily alter the backgrounds, lighting, resolution, and other elements. I recently transformed my old elementary school photos into sharp HD pictures. Kudos!

University Students
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I've used several photo enhancement tools, and this program is worth all the effort and time. I didn't need to watch any adverts or subscribe anywhere to create amazing AI face photos. It's actually kind of fun to use!

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I've always felt like I'm just one great photo away from an irresistible CV. This portrait enhancer allows me to quickly transform my casual face photos into professional headshots with a mere screen tap. And it's intuitive to use, too!

Hellena M
Legal Analyst

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